Our goal at cast is to create a fun, interactive community with a focus on writing and realism. All basic rules of roleplay do apply. We have a zero tolerance policy for IC/OOC line crossing, harassment, plagarism and theft: proof of any of these will result in immediate removal of the member. We ask that our members conduct themselves maturely, keep their portrayals realistic and most importantly, interact and enjoy their time here.
Before you apply, please make sure that you have the following:
A journal containing only your celebrity's name or some variation thereof. We do not accept nicknames unless they are the celebrity's legal/stage name. If you are unsure of what name to use, please check your celebrity's wikipedia page for their stage name and their birth name (if applicable).
Post a recent friends only post. Please ensure that the month and date reflecting your application date to avoid accidental removal. The year may be changed to adjust placement in your journal.
A screened or contact post to allow the moderators and other members of the community to contact you, if required.
Two journal and two scene examples, which may be placed in either a locked compilation journal (to avoid stealing examples) or in the journal you are applying with. Please make sure your examples are visible to the moderators. Examples may either be submitted with the application or separately in the dropbox
Once everything is set, please fill out the application.

After you have been accepted into cast, you will gain access to the members' area. Everything you will need to get started is located in that post. If you are unable to view the post, please contact the moderators here.
After you have been added to the community, you will have three days to post an introduction in greetings. Failure to do so will result in removal and/or possible override of the character.

The update limit is two weeks. There are no requirements with regards to length or content however the entires must be visible to the friends page and not backdated. Our focus at cast is interaction and as a result, we will be judging activity on more factors than a simple entry every two weeks.

In order to allow for the timely removal of deadweight in the community, we will also be looking at the following:
✔ INTERACTION. If an individual has not responded to the majority of comments in their last update (whether in their journal or in a subcommunity) or friends only post within a week, we will take that as a sign of inactivity and allow the character to be overridden.
✔ FRIENDS LIST. The friends list will be posted with with each set of adds and removals and we require that our members keep their friends lists up to date. Please be sure to use both buttons.
Our main goal in this community is to promote fun, positive interaction. We encourage our members to reach out to one another and we welcome the use of interactive posts to promote activity within the community. We do ask that any activity posts remain friends locked to avoid any unnecessary or unwanted harassment from outside sources.
Removals will be done on a weekly basis to remove individuals who were accepted into the community but failed to post their introduction. This is to avoid an excess of dead weight within the community and to free up roles as quickly as possible. In addition to this, a mass set of removals will be done at the end of every month. Monthly removals will be based solely on the update limit. Members who are removed may reapply once they have a new post up. If a member is repeatedly removed for missing the update limit, the moderators reserve the right to deny their application.

A member may be overridden once they have hit two weeks or if they have not posted an introduction in the allotted time frame. If the member updates before adds are done, they will not be removed/overridden. Exceptions with regards to overrides can be made in the following situations:
If there is an obvious lack of public activity (i.e. they have posted every two weeks but do not reply to comments/the majority of comments).
If their introduction has been posted, but no comments have been replied to within a week of it being posted.
The friends list has not been updated in over two weeks.
If there are any questions or concerns with regards to these rules or the removal/override status of existing members, please feel free to contact the moderators.
A hiatus may be requested from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six weeks. Although we understand that life can become difficult and get in the way, our priority is the community itself and to do our best to ensure that the community has active, available members. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Once an individual has returned from a hiatus, they will be responsible to ensure that they meet the activity requirements listed above. If an individual returns and they have already surpassed the four week update limit, they will be allowed one week from their date of return to update their journals.

If an individual is on hiatus, they are not permitted to interact publicly within the community (responding to entries in their journal or on the friends page). If we become aware of or spot an individual interacting publicly while on hiatus, their hiatus will be immediately revoked without notification and they will once again be subject to the activity requirements of the community. Again, if they have already suprpassed the four week update limit, they will be allowed one week from the date their hiatus was revoked to update their journal or risk removal/override.

As the update limit is four weeks, we ask that any individual who is aware that they will not be available/active for an extended period of time (one week or greater) please be aware of the potential danger of overrides due to unanswered comments/activity.

Due to the fact that members are allowed four weeks to update and there are no particular requirements with regard to content, we will not be granting extensions.
CELEBRITY. As this is a celebrity roleplaying community, we will only be accepting applicants who are considered to be a "celebrity" in their own right. We will not be accepting internet celebrities/personalities, family members who are not famous in their own right. Our general criteria for deciding if an individual is a celebrity is based on the following:
An initial Google search.
The individual has a Wikiepedia page. Searches are done with the name the application is under.
The credits an individual has to their name on IMDb
If you are unsure whether or not your character is considered a celebrity, please feel free to contact the mod team beforehand and we will let you know.

PRIVACY. Although it is not required, we strongly suggest that our members make sure all posts within their journals are friend locked and that commenting be allowed for friends only in order to avoid unwanted harassment from empty journals or anonymous users. This can be done under comment settings. If preferred, members may also keep their friends only post public to allow for interaction prior to adds, but we ask that you please disable anonymous commenting. Unfortunately, there is little that the moderators are able to do regarding harassment unless we are provided with indisputable evidence that it has been carried out by a member of the community.